Investment Managers

The Investment Managers have direct responsibility for overall performance of the NEST-TN TNInvestco Fund. They bring a breadth of experience, a proven record, and a full complement of skills and talents to help ensure success.

Their experience covers a full range of VC investing from the angel, seed and start-up stages through late stage investment banking. It includes initial rounds of philanthropy, debt and equity, follow-on rounds of debt and equity, and IPOs. The group has shown the ability to successfully engage top tier VC and PE firms and numerous members have resided on local, state and national boards.

Support Staff

NEST-TN offers a complement of in-house support specialists who have indirect responsibility for the overall performance of the NEST-TN TNInvestco Fund. This in-house support consists of seasoned executives who have worked together successfully for many years and have skill sets ideally suited to support the Investment Managers, (e.g.; budgeting, forecasting, F/S control, entrepreneur mentoring, networking, marketing and sales support, operations management, production and quality control, research, development, test, and evaluation, etc.)

Occasionally, in-state or out-of-state expert consultants are called on when specialized services are needed or when in-house personnel become over extended. These specialty consultants have relevant knowledge of NASA and DoD research; focus on women-owned VC; understand industry-specific niche markets, etc.